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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by CodyRomphf on Aug 22, 2012
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Conditional Value Lists




I am trying to make a 5 tier conditional value list. So when I select a specific option on the first pop up menu the second pop up menu now shows the value list that only pertains to the first value. This will then continue down all 5 stages. 

I have followed this very useful tutorial ( and it works perfectly for 2 stages / pop up menus. My issue is when I go to add the 3rd pop up menu. Instead of filtering based on the 2nd pop up menu it filters using the very first pop up. 

To make this more clear here is the list of my 3 Pop up Menu's:

Heading: (First Pop up)

- Abiotic (if Chosen filters to its subheading below)

Subheading 1: (Second Pop up)


- Climate Change

Subheading 2: (Third Pop up)

- N/A

Subheading 1: (Second Pop up)

- Ice

Subheading 2: (Third Pop up)

- Increase

- Decrease

- Biotic (if Chosen filters to its subheading below)

Subheading 1: (Second Pop up)

- Humans

Subheading 2: (Third Pop up)

- Hunting

- Loss of territory

Subheading 1: (Second Pop up)

- Prey

Subheading 2: (Third Pop up)

- Populations decreased

- Moved to another region

I hope this helps explain the situation better. I apologize if this is now too much information to show. But I figured its better to articulate exactly what I am doing. Ultimately its purpose is to act like a cascading menu. However I have been unable to figure out how to make a cascading menu.

If you need any clarity or have any questions please post them and I will respond as soon as I can! Thanks in advance for your help guys. =)