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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by MichaelAntoniello on Aug 24, 2013
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Conditional Value Lists


     I have a soccer team database with tables for players, coaches, and teams. I have join tables to assign players to teams, and coaches to  teams. (The girls can play on coed AND all girls, so some are on two teams).

     I have a player layout, in which I enter the playerID, name, etc. I also have his or her team listed which I can add via PlayerAssign::TeamID. I also have a team layout (i.e. team rosters) that allows me to add a player to the team via a popup menu of value lists defined as the players::playerID field. It works very well.

     I'm wondering if it is possible for me to limit the players::PlayerID popup value list on the Teams layout to kids meeting certain "find" criteria, like girls, boys, grade, etc.  I can do this using the player layout, obviously by just using find, but then I have to assign them to teams using the player's layout without seeing how many or who is on the team already; I can't see the team roster unless I then open the team layout. If I can limit the list to, say, all girls, or boys in grades 3-4, I can then use the popup value list players::playerID to see which kids I need to assign to grades 3-4.

     Further, even more complicated, if I can then limit the list to kids NOT already assigned to a team roster that would really simplify my task of making teams.

     I had made simple conditional value lists, but limiting this is way too complicated for me to figure out