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    Conditional Value Lists



      Conditional Value Lists


           I have just spent some time with Phil Caulkins "Conditional Value List Demo" and I'm still far from enlightenment.

           I have also spend some time with the order/item example on FM's support section.

           I can reproduce the Order/Menu example.

           Now I'm trying to apply that lesson.

           In the O/M example, the structure of the two tables was identical.  Each table had fields of Type and Item.

           In setting up, a relationship was established between the two Type fields.

           Then the Order::Type field was set to be a drop down box, with values chosen from Menu::Type


           That works.


           Now I create a table Names with fields







           Add a bunch of records to Names

           Create another table, "Name" with the identical structure to names, but with no data in it.

           Create a relationship between Name::Class and Names::Class

           Open the default Layout for Name.

           Select the Class field, set it to be a Popup box, taking it's values from Names::Class

           THIS one doesn't work. Name::Class shows up with the little arrow as a dropdown box.  But only has a single row with a single question

           Comparing the setup of the Order/Menu setup to the Name/Names setup, I can't find what I've done differently.















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               You need to select a value in Field 1 before a value list in field 2 can be a conditional value list of values where the value selected in field 1 "filters" the values listed in Field 2. You seem to be trying to use one field in place of these 2 fields.

               If Class is to be your "filter" field, then Class should be set up with a nonconditional value list of values from Names::Class. Some other field, such as Genus would then be set up with a conditional value list of Genus names limited by the specific class selected.