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    Conditional Value lists



      Conditional Value lists


           I have a conditional value list as on my attached picture, which is very simple and shows a company and their products.

           I pick a company and the next field shows the products for that company. This works well.


           Companies table holds the company name and the products, order table displays the company name and lets you select the product.(Item).


           I need to display another company and product on the same layout so i have 


           Company      Product

           Company 2   Product 2


           The all must work of the same companies table so i can display 2 separate companies and products on the same layout.


           Hope this is clear enough.

           Any ideas?

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               You may need to explain why you need this.

               Why not use a List view layout and use one record for company 1 and a second record for company 2? That will allow you to show two companies and have two lists of products on the same layout.

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                 Phil, I select a company and the second field shows that companies products.

                 I need to pick company 1 and their products, then pick company 2 and their products.

                 They may be different companies with different products on the same layout.


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                   This is a repeat of your original post. It does not explain WHY you need this--which can provide some useful clues to anyone who chooses to post a suggestion.

                   My suggestion for using list view would seem the simplest approach to listing two companies on the same layout.

                   What puzzles me is why, in a table named Companies where you would expect to see one record for each company, you would (apparently) want to put data for two different companies in the same record. I can't help thinking that you need at least one more table here and that's why I am asking for a more detailed explanation.

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                     Phil, we sell products to clients.

                     Usually there is 2 different products from 2 different companies for the same client.

                     i can then export the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

                     At the moment it is only working with 1 company. It is so the operator can pick the company and only see what products that company offers.

                     If You can think of a different way im all ears.

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                       As I suspected, this can be handled better with a third table.

                       Consider this standard invoicing set up that could be adapted to your needs:


                       You set up a portal to lineItems to list each item ordered by that customer, whether they order 1, 2 or many different items and each can be from a different company.

                       To get your conditional value list to work, make a Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of Vendors (or you can call it companies) and link it to LineItems instead of Orders like this:


                       LineItems::_fkSelectedVendorID = Vendors|Selected::__pkVendorID

                       Then you can use _fkSelectedVendorID to specify the company for a conditional value list that lists values from Vendors|Selected instead of Vendors.