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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by rgennaro on Apr 3, 2014
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Conditional Value Lists


     My Objective:

     In the Find and Browse Mode, I want the user to be able to complete any of the fields and the values in the other fields dynamically change. 


     I receive an error message of "<no values defined>".


     Steps Taken:

     1. Read material on creating Conditional Value Lists;

     2. Created 6 "Self" Relating Tables;

     3. Indexed the Fields being used;

     4. Created Value lists from the Indexed Values; and

     5. Formated the Fields on the "Single Unit Overview" Layout Form to show each Field's respective Value Lists.


     a. I'm using a MacBook Pro OS Ver. 10.9.2.

     b. I can deliver Screen shots of each Step.


     Thank you in advance for your help. Rock