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Conditional value lists

Question asked by tays01s on Aug 14, 2014
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Conditional value lists



     I have 2 tables: DrugsUsed > Drugs. However; I'd like to have a 3rd table on which to store 'Configurations'. The latter would list a drug in terms of: Company; Country; Product. I'd like to make these checkbox fields to specify a custom 'DrugList' with Country conditional to Company and Product conditional to Country.


     I am familiar with conditional value lists but have 2 Qs:

     1. Product is a long list so really needs a scroll bar. How do I get that when using a conditional list on a checkbox field?

     2. I have related 'Config' table > Drugs [Config::_DrugsID > __DrugsID] and Config > Drugs2 (TO of Drugs) [Config::Company & Country & Product to Drugs2:: Company & Country & Product; respectively]. However; checkboxing in Config::Company has not effect on the conditional value lists for Country & Product.


     I have a Patient table & layout. Patient::Name field is a pop-up. I'd like this to populate depending on whether I specify 'In-use' or 'Filed' from the Patient::Status field. I created a Patient2 TO and related Patient::__ID to Patient2::__ID and Patient::Status to Patient2:: Status.