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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by PrisonProfessor on Sep 19, 2014
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Conditional Value Lists


I’m having trouble with a conditional value list

I created two tables ‘Resource’ & ‘Service’

Resource Table Fields are Resource::Resource & Resource::Service
Service Table Fields are Service::Resource & Service::Service

They are joined as Resource::Resource>---<Service::Resource

I created two value lists ‘Resource’ & ‘Service’

Configuration of value Lists
Resource = Use values from field Resource::Resource Include all values
Service = Use values from field Resource::Service Include only starting from Service

In the layout ‘Service’ everything works fine I choose a Resource from the value list ‘Resource’ and the appropriate services are listed from the value list ‘Service’

The issue is in a layout called ‘Profile Resource’ based on table of same name

Two fields defined in ‘Profile Resource’ are Profile Resource::Resource & Profile Resource::Service

Profile Resource::Resource is configured to use the value list ‘Resource’
Profile Resource::Service is configured to use the value list ‘Service’

The 'Profile Resource' layout configurations are

Profile Resource::Resource is configured a pop-up menu value list ‘Resource’
Profile Resource::Service is configured a pop-up menu value list ‘Service

The Profile Resource::Resource works as expected listing the values from value list ‘Resource’ however Profile Resource::Service responds with <No Values Defined>