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Conditional value lists

Question asked by tays01s on Oct 30, 2014
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Conditional value lists


I have 2 related tables: Patient::__ID = Calc::PatientID. There are several grandchild tables related in a similar manner to Calc. Value lists from these grandchild tables are used in Calc to select calculations. However, to make the pop-up choices more convenient I want to permit customisation, usually by deselecting certain choice.

Again, for convenience, I'd thought to control these lists from a Config (uration) table because a single Config record will be the same for many Patients and their Calcs, plus, I would like to set 1 or 2 default Config records for the user to return to if needed. The problem is that a user might want to change Config if certain factors about a Patient change. For that reason, I presume a Patient can't be a related child of Config.

Would the best alternative be to absorb Config into Calc? I can use a script to duplicate it for each new Calc record. If so, what would the best way of having a 'Factory' and 'User' defaults?