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Conditional value lists

Question asked by tays01s on Nov 4, 2014
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Conditional value lists


I'm after producing a value list of 'products' dependent on whether these are available from a specific Company, Country or have individually been selected. I've planned to do this with a Selection table and a Product TO and the following relationships:

Selection::__ID = ProductTO::_SelectionID

Selection::Company = ProductTO::Company [Selection layout has a checkbox selection]

Selection::Country = ProductTO::Country [Selection layout has a checkbox selection]

Selection::Product = ProductTO::Product [Selection layout has a portal from]

& conditional lists on Selection are from:

a. 1st field ProductsTO::__ID, 2nd field Products::Company, include all values

b. 1st field ProductsTO::__ID, 2nd field Products::Country, include only related values from Selection. However, using the 'related values' option results in 'no values' on the Selection layout.

I am stuck at this stage but assume the same problem would apply to any value list for Products::Products.