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Conditional Value LIsts

Question asked by Tonyv on Nov 25, 2014
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Conditional Value LIsts


Hi Again. 


I have attached a screen shot in my post to help explain this. 

In my invoice table, i am allowed to select a customer ID from the list and the customer details all fill out, so the relationship is perfect there it seems. 

Below in the Line items table however, I have all SalesOrdersIDs that come up that are in the system under my Sales Layout. I want to : 

1. Have sales orders that show up only relating to the customer ID that is selected above in the invoice.

2. from the sales orders, have the items that show up relating to the sales order that is selected in the portal. 

3. the quantity and price to show up when the correct item is being selected from (2). 

I believe i have to use conditional value lists.... but i am not getting the values come up properly. 

My portal is created under "LineItems". 

My SalesIDFK & ProductIDFK are linked to dropdown value lists that are coming from the Sales Layout & Product Layout respectively. 

My product name automatically fills out once the SKU# is selected from the portal. However, the quantity & price from the Sales Layout is not showing up automatically. 

In the sales layout - the portal is created via a Balance table. From the balance table, the quantity & pricelookup is there listed on the sales layout

Anyone who can understand or need to know more please let me know so I can explain or take more screenshots.