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Conditional value lists

Question asked by tays01s on Dec 5, 2014
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Conditional value lists


2 problems:

1. Hierarchical value list: I've got a parent > child > grandchild list on a 'Config' layout that works fine in terms of only related values of child/ grandchild appear if their parent/child (respectively) is selected. Also a script clears the child list if there's a change in the parent.

a. The grandchild list is unlike the checkbox fields for parent/child, it is a portal from a related table because the list is v. long and therefore needs a scroll bar. However, am I right that in using a portal I can't keep Config records of different combinations of these lists? Is there any alternative to using a portal, ie. getting a scroll bar that would enable me to both keep records of different grandchild list AND using a script to clear this list when the related child record is cleared.

b. Assuming a. can be solved, how would a script look is you instead of clearing all child values when a parent value is cleared, you instead only clear related ones.

2. Is there an example (eg. within the Adventure files) of a conditional list that has a 'universal value', always listed and other values listed only 'on condition'.