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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by on Jun 21, 2015
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Conditional Value Lists


Im working on a database whereby my boss <Shelton Keller> can generate proposal for clients.  I have a Company table that is related to a People table.  In a Proposal table I have set up fields where "teams" can be assembled, since not everyone at Shelton Keller or their client, Dell, is involved in each proposal.  However, as you can see, even thought I set up the relationships and value lists, for the Proposal fields <sales_team conditional> and <client_team_conditional>, the first works perfectly, generating a list only for Shelton Keller employees, but the second strangely gives me <Diana Keller> twice.  Any advice?  (In the screen shots for the Relationship tree, the green tables are occurrences of the ones above.)