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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by disabled_patrickmartin on Jul 15, 2015
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Conditional Value Lists


Hi All,

I have seen this question pop up from time to time with an array of answers. All the answers seem straight forward if you have 2 tables linked and a couple of fields in the tables to use for conditional value lists.

I am working with the example of a purchase order solution which came from the starter solutions. I have set it up as in the screen shot. I am trying to get the condional information to occur across several related tables. Ultimately to achieve a situation where you select the supplier and only the products from that supplier are allowed to be added in the line items table.

As it is now, there are lookups for the supplier, so on selecting the company, all the address, phone etc details fill out on the PO form.

The line items do a lookup from the products table and that fills in all the product information, but I want to limit that to just the supplier which is selected.

I am sure I have probably set this up the wrong way, but all help would be appreciated.