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    Conditional Value Lists - Search Screen

    Scott Van Nostrand


      Conditional Value Lists - Search Screen


           I don't believe this is the same issue as the recent post(s) on conditional lists. My question is how to create a CL based on one table only. That is I have a table with 25000 records comprised of 100 or so Customers and each ofthose customers has anywhere from 1 to 30 projects in the table...and there may be 100 units against each project. Large table but that's how it's available in the database I'm using.

           Is it possible to construct a CL using only one table and table occurance(s) to mimic a relation to itself? I've looked for examples but only see where another table is used to create a more traditional relationship and eventually the CL.



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               Yes, each of the methods typically described for creating a conditional value list still work when you have a single table. For those conditional value lists that use a relationship, you can set up a self join relationship between two Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of your single table. Open Manage | database | relationships. Select the table occurrence box for your table by clicking it. Click the duplicate button (two green pus signs). You now have two occurrences of the same table that you can link in a relationship for your conditional value list. You can double click the new table occurrence if you want to give it a more descriptive name than the first occurrence's name plus a number.