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Conditional Value Lists - the Continuing Saga

Question asked by SueFrost on Sep 30, 2012
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Conditional Value Lists - the Continuing Saga


     I've been reading this thread on conditional value lists since I'm trying to do the same thing. (I wasn't sure if this shoudl be a continuation of that thread so I started a new one).

     I've got my layout to the point where the Item field value list is being based on the Category list.

     However, as I add more lines, the Item list becomes cummulative. So in the first line (Cream - ), I show the correct values for the Category. In the second line (Bar Soap), I show Creams and Bar Soaps. In the third line (Body Wash), I show creams, bar soaps and body washes.

     It feels like I'm this close to solving this one. TIA!