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conditional value lists and look ups.

Question asked by JessOttman on Nov 25, 2010
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conditional value lists and look ups.



Okay i have three fields 1)DESCRIPTION 2)PART NUMBER  3)ID NO.

I have 2 tables "sales" where these three fields are and "ABC" which contains the fields from which the "sales" fields are looked up. What i have at the mo is... Select my description and the part number and id number come up automatically. However there are many part numbers to a description (eg part number is 234561d08. The size id numbers correspond to that part number(08)

So if i select my description and then select my part number with the size on the end(08) i would like to get the id to change with it. At the moment when i select my description then either try to pick a part number the id stays the same as what it first came up as.

The relationship between them is description = descriptionvalue list is(show all values) and the value list for part number is (show related values)

Thanks for any help!!!