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Conditional Value Lists and Related Fields

Question asked by JoelStarkman on Aug 27, 2011
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Conditional Value Lists and Related Fields



I'm really struggling with getting my DB to work. I wrote in a while ago and revamped my design based on good advise given to me. I'm still having difficulty to get things working, and have pared down the number of fields I'm trying to reference using value lists.

Now if have the following: 

A pop-up value list of SectionNames from my Sections table.

Based on the value selected there, any DeficiencyType having the same SectionID as the selected SectionName is used to populate the DeficiencyType pop-up value list.

Once that is selected, I'd like to display it's associated description. The problem I'm having is that the DeficencyTypeID relates to the first matched SectionID, and not to the DeficiencyType I select from the DeficiencyType pop-up. How do I get the correct description to display?

Thanks from a newbie.