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conditional value lists do not work

Question asked by kirvis on Dec 1, 2009
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conditional value lists do not work


Hi all,


I have a short question about a problem I have with the use of conditional value lists.


I have a database with products, and those products can be divided into categories, sub categories, and sub-sub categories. What I would like to be able to do is create a layout where I can add new products, after first selecting the category, then the sub category, and then the sub-sub category. The problem is that eventually the list with sub-sub categories will be huge, so it would be nice to have a conditional value list based on the other tables.


I however do not seem to be able to make it work and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I made a functional conditional value list based on the instructions in the FM help section, but this one does not work.


The fields I have in the different tables are the following:


table: categories


  •  ID
  • category name
table: sub categories 
  •  ID
  • sub category name
  • categoryIDfk
table: sub-sub categories
  •  ID
  • sub-sub category name
  • sub categoryIDfk
table: products
  • ID
  • product name
  • sub-sub categoryIDfk
I have defined three value lists based on the ID's and the second field (name). For the value list "sub categories", I have selected "Include only related values starting from product categories". 
When I want to select a product category when I want to add a new product, FM does not let me. It says: "This field can not be modified until "sub_sub_categoryIDfk" is given a valid value". It also does not display the conditional value list for the sub categories and sub-sub categories.
I have placed the file on my MobileMe account, since I think that that will make things much clearer. You can find it here.
I hope that someone can lay his or her finger behind the mistake I am currently making, because being able to use conditional value lists would make working with the database much easier.