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Conditional Value lists for multiple tables

Question asked by PrisonProfessor on Jun 12, 2014
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Conditional Value lists for multiple tables


     I was able to get this example working

     However when I attempted to apply the logic of thiss example across multiple tables I flopped.

     Using the example above lets say I have 4 restaurants and each restaurant has it's own table because each restaurant stores unique data but each utlizes the 'Menu' & 'Order' tables as to common fields for each restaurant

     When I configure the 'Menu' & 'Order' in REST1 Menu works fine but 'Item' give message 'no items defined'

     I have the one join from Menu to Order Menu::Type>>----<<Order::Type

     I've tried a joining Menu::Type>>----<<Rest1:Type but with negative results

     I'm figuring if I can get REST1 to work I can duplicate for REST2, REST3 & REST4 to work