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    Conditional Value Lists in an existing database



      Conditional Value Lists in an existing database



      I've created a sign-in database where volunteer members (firefighters) sign in and sign out each time they come into headquarters.

      On signing out, they need to enter the activities they completed. There will be three levels - ie they choose a general category, then a second category and then a third category, with options conditional based on the level selected above.

      I've completed the knowledgebase tutorial for conditional value lists and it was easy - but how do I add this into an existing layout. I have multiple tables already related by the user ID number, so I tried to create another table of activities and don't know how to relate this to the "log" table, which has most of the data.

      Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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          Can you get the first conditional value list to work for you?

          Can you relate your log table to a table of activities by a category field in the log table?

          This should enable you to select a general category in one field and see a list of 2nd category options that are members of the selected general category in a second drop down.

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            Unfortunately no, I can't get anything to work.

            I have tried a few things, and now I've related the two tables together by the first field, called "general_activities", however the table layout is based on the log table, so when I click on the popup, nothing shows up.

            I'm not really sure if I have the concept right:

            List of members table, linked to a log table by 'MemberID' - then somehow needs to relate to the activities table...


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              That's OK, just checking to see where we need to get started.

              1. Let's say you have a table for listing general activities with two fields:
                General Activity, and Activity
              2. Define two matching fields in your log table, General Activity and Activity.
              3. Define a relationship linking them:

                Log::General Activity = General_Activity::General Activity.
              4. Define a value list of General Activity names that draws its values from General_Activity::General Activity
              5. Format Log::General Activity with this value list.
              6. Define your first conditional value list to draw values from General_Activity::Activity
              7. Select Show only related values starting from "Log" to filter the list to only show the values for the selected General Activity.
              8. Format the Log::Activity field with this value list.