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    Conditional value lists in IWP



      Conditional value lists in IWP



        I am trying conditional value lists for the first time and am having trouble getting them to work in IWP.  Each product has two components, type1 and type2. The choice for type1 limits the options for type 2.  In filemaker, I choose a component from the drop down list for type 1 and the value list of type 2 changes accordingly.  It works great, however in IWP the value list for type2 is empty. 

      I made sure all my privileges were in order and rechecked the setup but can't find the problem.  Is conditional value list not compatible with IWP?



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          Never mind I found the problem.  It Filemaker, when you exit the field it commits the record.  Thus once I choose type1, the record commits and the relationship needed for the value list is established.  In IWP, either a script or the user has to manually commit the record.  Then the new information is sent to the server and the relationship is established.  However both type1 and type2 are on the same layout, meaning that when the user chooses type2 the record is still open and no relationship was created aka the value list is empty (because it only shows related records).


          I need to some how commit the record after type1 is chosen then the value list will work.  I need both type1 and type2 on the same layout and since it is IWP there is no script triggers.  Anyone have an idea?

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            I'm not 100% sure this will work in IWP, but you could try formatting your 2nd field as a button that performs the following script:


            Commit Record

            Go To Field [Yourtable::yourField2]


            You'll need to keep the user from being able to tab into the field in order for this to work.

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              Thanks for the idea but unfortunately it doesn't work.  The record is committed, thus type2 value list is correct however the script prevents me from making a selection.  I can't actually get into the field anymore I can just see the choices and run the script but my selection is not being saved.


              It works in FM but not IWP.  I will play around with script a bit to see if I can get it to actually let me into the field.  Any other ideas?

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                   I'd play with the Go To FIeld options to see if any of them drop down the value list instead of just placing the cursor there. I have my doubts but it's worth a try.
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                     The only other option for the script step Go to Field is select/perform which unfortunately doesn't make a difference.  Thanks for the ideas