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    Conditional Value Lists using Repeating Fields



      Conditional Value Lists using Repeating Fields


      Hi There:


      I have developed conditional value fields in the past, and have been able to eventually make them work.  Now, I'm working with repeating fields and there's a problem I can't seem to work out...


      I am developing a budget package... Staff are listed in departments (DEPT Code) and Job Description (JOB Code).  Each staff therefore has a DEPTJOB concatenated code assigned to them.  In a related table, I have assigned the Department Code and Job Description code.  I want the User to be able to select only those individuals that correspond to the concatenated DEPTJOB code, through a conditional value list.


      Problem is, the DEPTJOB code field is a repeating field.  The resulting drop down field includes all individuals from all DEPTJOB combinations for that record...


      Any suggestions?

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          That's a built in "feature" of repeating fields.


          If you have a relationship like:


          Table1::RepeatingField = Table2::Field


          You will get a match against every value in a repetition in the repeating field. (Math value in repetition 1 OR repetition 2 OR Repetition 3...)


          The only way I know to avoid this is to split up your repeating field into separate fields or, even better, separate records in a related table.


          I suppose you could make a calculation field for each repetition:


          GetRepetition(repeatingField; 1)

          GetRepetition(repeatingField; 2)

          and so forth and then create separate relationships and conditional value lists based on each individual calculation field, but that's going to get really, really ugly.

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            Thanks, PhiModJunk.  I guess I'll have to break out each field and apply the conditional value list separately.





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                 Repeating fields can often be replaced with a table of related records. In many many cases, this also simplifies your database design in a number of areas--not just getting your conditional value list to work.