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    Conditional Value Lists with global fields



      Conditional Value Lists with global fields



      In a database I have recently created I am using a conditional pop up menu, based on a list in another table - and it's working great.

      I created two global fields and tried to turn these into a conditional drop down menu, but the second menu won't adjust after the first menu is selected.

      Is it possible to use global fields for this purpose - or am I doing something wrong?

      I'm trying to set a value in the global fields, then click a button to apply the values to selected fields. Not sure if there is another way to go about doing this...?

      Thanks for your help!

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          I think we need a bit more detail on exactly how you set this up.

          Can you format a global field with a conditional value list? yes.

          Can you select a value in global field 1 to control the values listed in the conditional value list on global field 2? Yes, if global field 1 is defined in the "parent" table and if that global field is specified in the relationship on which the conditional value list is based.

          Can you list values stored in a global field in your value list? No, only indexed fields can serve as a value list's source of values.

          Can you list values from a calculation field that refers to a global field? No, this calculation can only be an unstored, unindexed calculation and thus it can't serve as the value source for your list.