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Conditional Value Lists wont work in find mode

Question asked by GeoNick on Jul 17, 2009
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Conditional Value Lists wont work in find mode


I have three databases in separate files (Legacy from FMP5). All files have been converted to FMP10.


The main file is for recording time spent on jobs for clients. the two other files are for jobs and clients.


In the time record file I want to have value lists that only show active clients and active jobs.


I have achieved this for Jobs via a relationship between a calculation filed with the result "Active" in the time file and the status field in the jobs file which can contain either "active" or "Inactive". Then I set up a value list using this relationship and set it to show only related values for this. I had to use separate instances of the Time and Jobs file in the relationship diagram because there is also another relationship based on client ID between the two files.


The conditional value lists work fine in browse mode, but in find mode I get nothing.


I have used this method successfully in another database that has all tables in the one file.


TIA for any clues.