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Conditional Value Lists--acting as global fields

Question asked by KerryH on Apr 1, 2010
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Conditional Value Lists--acting as global fields


I've finally been able to set up a Conditional Value List to do what I want it to do, but now I'm having a problem with the way it's functioning.


First, let me post a link to nother forum in which it sounds like a user was having the same problem I am:


It sounds like he was able to get his solution to work, but I'm not able to do the same. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


I'm using FMP Pro 8.5, and I've set up a database that has one record for each student. Each student attends one sewing school, and SOME of those schools have color selections. So if Jane Doe selects the Bernina school, she will have a drop-down menu for me to pick her colors between Red, Blue, and Green.


I have a Table (titled School) for all the student information, with fields defined such as Name, Address, Phone Number, School Name, etc.


I've set up a conditional value lists from another Table (titled School Colors) in which all the school choices and all the color choices (fields defiined: School Name, Color) are set up, one record for east possibility. The first CVList is SchoolNames, and Uses Values from Field--School Colors--"Name"--Include All Values. The second CVList is SchoolColors, and Uses Values from Field--School Colors--"Color"--Include Only Related Values From: School table.


I have related the SchoolName field in the School Table to the SchoolName field in the School Colors Table, an I've duplicated the School Colors table and related Color from School Colors and School Colors 2.


The problem comes when I select the color for Jane Doe from the drop-down list: If I select Blue, then all the other records also show Blue--so every student is listed as having selected the same color.


I checked the Global Field option on SchoolName and SchoolColor, but neither is checked.


What am I doing wrong, and how can I make it so that when I select a value from this conditional value list, it only changes one record?


Thanks again for your help!