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conditional values list starter solutions

Question asked by PaulJones_1 on Oct 30, 2013
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conditional values list starter solutions


     Hi guys , i hope you can help.

     Ive searched forums but cannot see an answer to this.

     I am using the estimates starter solutions FM12 and ive modified it quite a bit. ive also edited the layouts for iPad etc.

     My question is I'm am trying to get the estimates data layout in the portal to have a drop down for product category i.e. 

     gas , helmets air tools . this would then populate the item drop down to only show items relating to the category. finally when this item is selected this would populate description price etc.

     There is many video how to do this from scratch but none that i can find that show how to do it using the starter solutions.

     Your help would be greatly appreciated.smiley

     Many Thanks