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    Conditionally deactivate popup?



      Conditionally deactivate popup?


      I have a screen with a popup and depending on which record is currently active in a table, I would like to selectively deactivate it, i.e. I don't want the user to make any choices.  Is there a way to do this?  

      If there isn't, my second choice would be to find some way to substitute a different value list for the popup, again depending on which record is currently active.  Is there a way to do this?

      Right now, I'm stuck with what I consider to be the least desirable choice which is an error trap with a warning message.   Since the popup is active and the user can make a choice, if they make any choice from the list, a warning message pops up and when the OK button on the warning message is clicked, then the field attached to the popup is reset to a fixed value.

      This is because popups don't seem to respond to "On Object Enter" script triggers - I'm stuck with the On Object Modify trigger, so rather than preventing the action in the first place, I'm stuck with fixing it after the fact.

      Matt Bloomfield

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          Look up conditional value lists in the Knowledge Base and see if that makes since for controlling what list of values (if any) is displayed for a given record.

          An alternative is to use a little sleight of hand: Create a duplicate layout that does not have a pop up menu set on this field. Use the onRecordLoad script trigger to check what ever field or fields tell you this value list should not be available and switch layouts as needed.

          PS. Popups do trigger the OnObjectEnter event, but not until after a value has been selected from the popup. This bug thus defeats the purpose of using OnObjectEnter for most uses.