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Conditionally format based on current month

Question asked by Stu412 on Apr 30, 2015
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Conditionally format based on current month


I have a calendar I've 'built' (thanks Phil!) and this is working pretty well alongside my current project solution.  What I'd like to do to be able to make it clearer for the end user to get along with is to highlight the portals representing the current month's days in a different colour.

One thing I've found is that conditional formatting looks to be greyed out when you select a portal.

Secondly, I'm not sure of the formula I'd use in the conditional formatting to tell FM 'If a date is within the current month, make the rows or text a certain format'.

Screenshot is attached.  As you can see, my efforts so far aren't working becuase the 1st of the next month is also highlighted (big red circle). I've tried 'Month (Get(CurrentDate)' in the format formula but still do dice!

Thanks in advance.