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Conditonal Value Lists--I think?

Question asked by KerryH on Mar 10, 2010
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Conditonal Value Lists--I think?




I'm a fairly new FileMaker Pro user (using v8.5), and I'm trying to find out about Conditional Value Lists. I read This forum where two options were given to achieve a solution, but the second option was the only one really explored--I wanted to get some more details on implementing the first option (copied and pasted below):

Option 1: Simple but limited

Define a calculation field that only returns a value if other conditions are met and base your value list on this field instead of the original data field.

Example: If ( include = "yes"; valuefield ; "" )


My setup is basically the same as nikkij's: I have a text field where I enter a class number; ex: "03" is Sewing Class, "06" is Smocking Class, "22" is Embroidery Class, etc. My Class field has 11 repititions, going vertically--sudents can choose up to 11 classes.


SOME of these classes have color choices, so I want to create a drop-down menu (or pop-up, doesn't matter) for the ones that need a color. So if I type "03" in the Class field, I want a drop down menu to have the value list for 03, which will have the values 'pink, black, white' or something like that. But some of those classes don't have any color choices, so ex: if I type  in "22" in the Class field, I want either a blank field, or a "-" or something else to denote that there is no color choice for that class.


I've created value lists for the classes that have color choices, but I'm not sure how to go about setting up the rest of it. I've tried several different ways based on forums and articles I've read, and so far, I haven't gotten the result I want.


Any advice? Thanks in advance!