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    Conditonal Value Lists--I think?



      Conditonal Value Lists--I think?




      I'm a fairly new FileMaker Pro user (using v8.5), and I'm trying to find out about Conditional Value Lists. I read This forum where two options were given to achieve a solution, but the second option was the only one really explored--I wanted to get some more details on implementing the first option (copied and pasted below):

      Option 1: Simple but limited

      Define a calculation field that only returns a value if other conditions are met and base your value list on this field instead of the original data field.

      Example: If ( include = "yes"; valuefield ; "" )


      My setup is basically the same as nikkij's: I have a text field where I enter a class number; ex: "03" is Sewing Class, "06" is Smocking Class, "22" is Embroidery Class, etc. My Class field has 11 repititions, going vertically--sudents can choose up to 11 classes.


      SOME of these classes have color choices, so I want to create a drop-down menu (or pop-up, doesn't matter) for the ones that need a color. So if I type "03" in the Class field, I want a drop down menu to have the value list for 03, which will have the values 'pink, black, white' or something like that. But some of those classes don't have any color choices, so ex: if I type  in "22" in the Class field, I want either a blank field, or a "-" or something else to denote that there is no color choice for that class.


      I've created value lists for the classes that have color choices, but I'm not sure how to go about setting up the rest of it. I've tried several different ways based on forums and articles I've read, and so far, I haven't gotten the result I want.


      Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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          I think Option 2 from the original thread you referenced is a better approach. Then you can load these values in a tables and establish a relationship that filters the list of values to those appropriate for each selected value.


          You might also consider not using repeating fields for this type of data entry. A table of related records often is much easier to work with when you need to generate reports of this same information.

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            Thanks so much for your reply. Do you have any links to previous threads or any articles that I can read up on to make sure I'm doing this correctly? Particularly anything with screenshots of the relationships, etc, so this newbie can compare notes.


            I have a few external links that I'm looking through for information as well; would it be helpful to post those here?

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              Sorry, I don't have a good conditional value list demo available. Perhaps someone else can offer a demo file?


              "I have a few external links that I'm looking through for information as well; would it be helpful to post those here?"


              I don't know as I don't know what threads you've found.:smileywink:


               If it helps you better explain your question, then please do so.

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                Here are the articles I'm looking through to see if they'll help (I don't know much about creating a table from values...):






                I'm using a FMP file called July2010 School. In each Record, I have Fields for Name, Address, Email, etc, as well as Classes and information related to the classes. Right now, there's a separate FMP file that contains all the info for the classes; that FMP file is called July2010 Class Database, and each Record contains a class number, class name, class price, class date, and other info.


                In July2010 School, when I enter a student's info, I type in what class numbers they're taking (as I mentioned, they can take up to 11, in the repeating fields), and that automatically populates the fields beside Class with the Class Name, Class Price, Class Date, etc--pulling that info from July2010 Class Database.


                So, as I enter each class number, I would also like my Color field to populate with either a drop-down box (if there is a color choice for that class) or a blank box, or something similar.


                Should I be putting the value lists for the colors into July2010 Class Database, with the records that contain the rest of the info for the classes?

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                  I'd set up a "colors" table like this:


                  ClassID    Color

                  03             Pink

                  03             Black

                  03             White

                  22             -


                  and so forth.


                  In Manage | Database | Relationships, set up a relationship that links ClassID in that table to ClassID in this color table.

                  I don't think you'll be able to get this to work if you are entering class numbers in a repeating field instead of a table of related records.