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Condtional Statement Not Evaluating Properly

Question asked by wkparkjoe on Mar 10, 2011
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Condtional Statement Not Evaluating Properly


I'm running a script that looks at various groups or Privilege Sets that I created to group various departments in my organization. This basically is a on load script that will run to only display records for the individual's group that they belong to. I have an if statement that goes:

If Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName) <> "[Full Access]" or
Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName) <> "Admin Staff"

Perform Find [Restore]

End If

When I run this script as a user who belongs to either of the two groups listed in the conditional, it still proceeds as if the statement is true meaning, [Full Access] will try to preform the find. I don't know why this statement is not working properly.

If any of this is confusing I can try to explain it better with screen shots. Thank you.