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    confidential email list through email client



      confidential email list through email client


      Hi I am trying to implement an email feature that will work in the following way:

      -The database contains data about individuals and each form has a field for an email address

      -Users can perform a search to specify which users they would like to email (eg. all people who share some attributes such VISA expirey date)

      -Users can then send an email to these users through their email client

      Seems straightforward enough, and I easily wrote a script that finds the email address in the field of all the records that came up with the user's search. However, I am having some issues with the actual email step.

      I would like to be able to send one email where all the emails are confidential (i.e. they are not all explicitly listed). The best that I seem to be able to do is to send one email to each person (and this doesn't work very well if there are 50+ people returned with a search because you have to click send mail 50+ times which is really annoying).

      It would be great if someone could please provide me with some pointers on how to achieve this.

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          Send Mail can be used with the no dialog option so that you do not have to click send for each email.

          If the exact email is sent to everyone, you might consider sending the email to yourself or some designated "public" address and then listing all the true addresses in the BCC box of the send mail. There are several ways in a script that you can use to produce a comma or semi-colon separated list of emails for this box. This would enable you to email everyone, but only their address and the "public" address would be listed with the email that they receive.

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            Thanks for the really fast reply! This sounds like it should help me out a lot! I am not able to try it out today, but will give it a shot tomorrow and will let you know how it goes.

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              Could I possibly get some clarification on how one of the options in the "Send Mail Options" dialog box works (when setting up a script to send an email)?

              In the BCC field, I "specify field name" to be the name of the field containing the personnel email address. Then there is a little checkbox underneath that says: "Collect addresses across found set". This sounds like what I need, but how does it work in conjunction with the options to create: "One email using data from the current record" or "Multiple emails (one for each record found in set)"? Does it override this choice?

              I would like to send one email to all of the addresses found in the set. (And I do want the email dialog box to pop up so that the user can type in an email message to send).

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                Hmmm, don't really know for sure as I haven't played with those options, but a few sample emails to your self with different options selected could probably clarify this for you.

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                  You can still have it perform without dialog by contriving a message window as part of your script. This is a simple layout often in a new window where  the message text is typed into a Global Text Field (if you wish to send the same message in bulk) . That field is used as your Message text. To personalize them you can use a combination of the above with a calculation field to be your message text. You can get very extravegant with this idea as well.


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                    Great advice! Thanks for all the feedback!