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Config setting for file locations?

Question asked by HSalls on Oct 10, 2011
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Config setting for file locations?


 Is there a config setting for anchoring file locations in FM Pro v10?  I'm on Windows XP pro both places.  I have a solution that I'm working on at the office and at home.  I'm using Dropbox to transfer/synchronize from one site to the other.  The transfers are working correctly; synching is happening.  I've retained the exact same relative folder/file structure in both places.  I launch FM at either site to call in the first database (intake.fp7) it plays.  If I attempt to nav to the next databse using a designed button, FM complains that it "The file household.fp7 could not be opened.  Not found".  I say "OK" and FM presents an explorer window which contains household.fp7.  I double click that and all is right.  This selection stays during my session but if I leave FM and come back, it's lost household.fp7 again, it's not been saved/recorded and I have to go through the whole routine again.  When the solution which I'm revising (heavily) was copied to a work folder, there was no problem.

I've looked all over for a config setting.  There isn't one.  What do you experts recommend because I know users are not going to like this happening (and neither do I!).