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Configuring Charts?

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Jan 6, 2014
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Configuring Charts?


     I have a portal in solution that displays progress. This portal lets a user choose a level for a particular area of the current record. The typical breakdown of these areas are Concepts, ExFiles, Homework, Tasks, and Topics. I have represented this in a chart as well, see here. My question is how can create this chart so it is a cumulative representation of the areas in the record? So instead of listing each thing it shows the progress of all Concepts, ExFiles, Homework, Tasks, and Topics in one bar. I represent what I want to accomplish in a fictional pic. Do have to setup my own calculations to do this, or can charting be configured to categorize these areas and calculate everything?

     My second question is can a chart with a variable number of bars be configured to keep a consistent size when displaying them. I don’t need this here because I want five categories. When I was making the chart that itemized every individual thing, its inconsistent width for two as opposed to five bars make the solution funny when moving from record to record. I realize that it has to scale to fit what needs, but I there any way to set a maximum and minimum set of bars and keep them the same size? Or any other way?