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Configuring Filemaker IWP for online ordering

Question asked by RichardMitchell on Sep 23, 2011
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Configuring Filemaker IWP for online ordering


Hi, hope you can help

I work for a in-house printers for a university. We have used filemaker for years simply to book jobs in.

Customers still have to fill in a paper order, the details of which get manually entered into filemaker.

We now want customers to be able fill an order online (at last). It will be very simple basic information, no money involved.

I am using Filemaker Pro 11 IWP.

I want the customers to be restricted to just entering data into a new record. I don't want them to be able to modify the data once it has been submitted or be able to veiw any other records in the database, including their own. I have restricted them to viewing just the ordering layout

I have a custom submit button which sends them a confirmation email with their order details and logs them off. But currently if they hit the filemaker toolbar submit button they can view all the other orders on the database.

So my question is what is the simplest way can I stop them viewing other records (including ther own) and only be allowed to enter data into a new record?

The reasons for making it a just a one hit data entry are:

1. We may miss any modifications to orders if they are updated in IWP because the job card will already be with the printers so it is better customers call or email us separately with changes.

2. We have a limit of 5 users (i have restricted it to campus IP addresses) so we only want people to use it to order new jobs and not to check up on their old ones (they will get an email for their records)


Sorry for all the background info but I though it may help. I am not very technical but keen to learn!

If you have any other issues with online ordering you think I should consider please let me know.

Kind Regards