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Configuring menus

Question asked by tays01s on Jul 5, 2014
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Configuring menus


     I have several tables whose 'items' (eg. drugs) appear in pop-up fields within portals at the 'front end' of a solution. For ease of use I'd like to let users configure these pop-up menus to reduce the choices to those they regularly use.


     If I had a Drug_rx < Drugs relationship and the Drug_rx table is shown in a portal on the related Patient table layout how would it be best to configure the value list if:

     There are 3 levels to choose:

     - Country

     - Company

     - Individual drug.

     I'd like to list the above fields on a layout with each value a checkbox. So, for example, if:

     - Country = all

     - Company = companies A, B, E were 'checked', all the drugs in the world would be listed if they came from companies A, B, E. This also means that a drug from company A, B  or E listed as only in Country = USA would also be listed.


     The checkbox lists themselves must be automatically be updated from individual drugs listed, should those drug have a new country, company or drug name.


     Lastly, I'd like users to be able to save dated choice lists so that they can revert to earlier choice or 'reset'.