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           I want to find the single Game record for Week 3 Game 5.

           I already have the following globals defined as...

           $$WeekNo = 3

           $$GameNo = 5

           Script Step: Perfom Find [Restore]

      Specify Find Requests Dialog

      Action                          Criteria

           Find Records             Games::Week ID_fk: [$$WeekNo]

           Find Records             Games::Game No: [$$GameNo]

           I thought I was setting up an "AND" request where both requests must be True?

           What I am getting is all the records for Week 3 and NOT just the single record for Game 5.
           What am I doing wrong?
           Thanks for your insight and help.

        • 1. Re: Confused

               Why the square brackets?

               I so seldom use Perform FInd with stored criteria like this, I had to run a quick test, but when I specify a variable name, no brackets appear.

               I so seldom use Perform Find like this because I prefer to set up scripted finds like I show in this thread of scripted find examples: Scripted Find Examples