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confused about which product(s) I need - please help

Question asked by JoeMugnai on Jun 5, 2014
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confused about which product(s) I need - please help


     I have been a user of FM Pro for several years. Just took the plunge and upgraded from v9 to v13. 

     In the past, I have used FMP on a single machine at a time. When I needed access from another machine (i.e. laptop) I would simply copy the database to that machine and continue working.

     I have now added a second license of FM Pro and would like to explore other options for sharing data.  Ideally, I would like to have up to 2 people access a database. One user would be on a desktop system and the other would probably be an iPad. 

     Am throughly confused as to which products I would need to do this, or if it is possible.

     Most of the data on the website state "use FM Pro to create..." and lists all different options for sharing. Then it mentions FM Server and FM Go. It seems the server cost is over $1,000 plus a monthly fee. For my 2-person access scenario, that doesn't make sense for me. We could stick with copying the file back and forth.


     Using FM Pro, I understand we can have shared access across a network. Both users would need a registered copy of FM Pro. That makes sense and I understand how to do that. Can that database be hosted on an offsite machine? For example, can I host it on my office Mac (not a server, but connected to the internet with a service providing a fixed IP address) and then access it from the copy of FM Pro hosted on my home computer?

     What about FM Go? Can I access the database in the above example from FM Go on my iPad? Do I need to create a solution which is FM Go only? Do I need "FM Server" or have to pay a monthly fee to access that data from my mobile device?


     Finally, there is web access. I see that FM Server has "WebDirect" which seems designed for a larger use than I have planned. Does FM Pro have any facility to publish data which can be viewed and edited in a web browser?


     I have looked through the website, but can't find straightforward answers to these questions. If there are links or places in the manual that explain this feel free to point me there. The marketing information hints that I should be able to do all or most of the above, but when you look closer it seems that server is required. There also seems to be changes to the capabilities in various FM versions, adding to my confusion.


     Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.