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Confused by table relation

Question asked by martinpaulrice on Nov 3, 2009
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Confused by table relation


Hi, I'm a new FM user. I'm working on an Intel iMac with OSX 10.6.1


In a budget and expense tracking app I'm trying to put together I have two tables: Budget and Transactions.


In the Budget table I have the following fields:


Account Name; Account Type; Budgeted Amount; Current Balance; Difference; Budget Month


In the Transactions table I have the following fields:


Date; Description; Comment; Check Number; Amount; From Account; To Account


The From and To Accounts will contain account names from the Account Name field in the Budget table. It didn't seem to make much sense to duplicate those account names every time I entered a transaction. So I created a relationship from Budget to relate Account Name to the From and To Accounts in Transactions.


Then, I (tried to) set up the From and To Accounts in transactions to be drop downs that displayed the Account Names from Budget.


I seem to have two problems:


Sirst, in the transactions table view, which is where I prefer to do my entries, I don't have From Account and To Account fields. There just a field titled Budget::Account Name. And even there, the drop down doesn't drop down and I can't get the cursor to go into the field.


Second, in the form view, I can see both the From and To Account fields, but nothing drops down and I can't get the cursor in those fields either.


It seems clear that I have these set up wrong and I don't understand where the error is.


I hope someone can figure out from this description where I've gone wrong and give me a clue for getting it right.





Signal Mountain, TN