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Confusing Server and Clients users

Question asked by Phyre on Jun 3, 2014
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Confusing Server and Clients users


     I have this stuff.

     Filemaker Server 1 License

     Filemaker Pro 12 - 2 Licenses

     Filemaker pro Advance 13 - 1 License

     I have 5 Computers and 1 Server. 


     1st Question

     Since I have a Filemaker Pro Advance 13, Can database Solution be use or run in filemaker Server as client? (5Computers specified above) How will I shre it into network.

     2nd Question

     If I share filemaker pro database in a network using the sharing button  How will the data perform smoothly and easy to use by clients. including the graphics. (Filemaker Pro 13 Advance is the host and Filemaker Pro 12 is the client.)

     3rd Question

     What is the best way to network a  filemaker database  in a network using fm Server and runtime solution or Fm pro 13 Advance with fm pro 12?