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Confusion - Many to Many relationship - how do I break it?

Question asked by lozzieshields on May 11, 2014
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Confusion - Many to Many relationship - how do I break it?


     Hi - hoping someone can assist me with breaking a many-to-many relationship. Can't seem to nut it out!

     I have jobs that hold many images and images that can belong to many jobs - how do I set the relationship


     Jobs has a unique ID

     Each image has a unique ID

     A job can belong to only one tone (core, premium, partner) and have only one descriptor (texture, experience, portrait - for photos only but we also use pictograms)

     Whereas some images can belong to only one tone and others can belong to two or three tones. The images only have one descriptor that belongs to them

     The images can be a mix of pictogram and photos - should I split these out into different tables?

     Keep getting confused when I think about it. I want to be able to view what jobs have used what images and what combination of images and if we have used the same combination of images on jobs. I also want to view where images have been used - ie a list of jobs each image was used on.

     Please if someone could help me get my head straight on this one I would be much appreciative!

     Thank you