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confusion with checkboxes

Question asked by Steve_2 on Sep 11, 2014
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confusion with checkboxes


The answer to these two related questions may be obvious, but I've spent considerable time searching through forums etc. without success.

Question 1.

I'm creating a database that requires a number of Checkbox fields that include the ability to check one or more values as well as input a value not listed among the Checkboxes, i.e. "Other".

Problem is, I cannot seem to create a way in the layout for someone to see what that "Other" value is once it is input (without clicking on Other to see what the value is).

For example:

If the Field is "Main Ingredients", and the checkboxes are: Fish, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Veg, Other…If the user checks Other, then types "Fruit" in Other….how can the layout be created in such a way that the word Fruit remains visible? (And, if this needs to be done via creation of another field, how is this  link done?

(Ideally, this also needs to work if the user checks, say, Pork, Veg, Other, then types in Fruit for Other…without seeing the ingredients Pork, Veg repeated.)

(I've posted a screenshot below of another field with the same problem, in this case, "Cuisine".)

Question 2.

I want to use values in the Checkbox list in a calculation. As an example, using the same Checkbox list as above, how in a calculation do I specify the value of a single checkbox? And how would this work if the value in the calculation was the variable content of "Other" as opposed to a specfic value already listed as a specific checkbox item.

Thank you in advance.