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Confusion with portals, tables, records, relationships...

Question asked by CDCASA on Nov 14, 2011
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Confusion with portals, tables, records, relationships...


Hi, I am becoming more and more confused by trying to figure out the correct/easiest way to set up my layouts and relationships in my database to be able to accomplish what I want. My goal is to have users (via IWP) be able to see an initial layout (layout A) that has a list of records for Risk Mgmt so each of the records represents an individual risk/record (seen in table view or similar format). I then have a button in the header of layout A that takes them to a new layout B with all of the same fields as layout A but it is a Form View. I want to be able to have users enter a risk (new record) on this layout B page and once they hit submit it will show up on the layout A in Table View form. This is the part that isn't working for me. I set up relationships between the fields of layout A and the fields of layout B to be equal and checked the box allowing records to be created in each layout when made from the other layout thinking that whenever I entered a new record in one it would be added to the other but this is not the case. I then tried using a portal by putting one on layout A and linking its contents to layout B to accomplish this but I don't think I have the right idea because when I set it up it still did not function in such a way that accomplishes what I want. Overall, in other words, I would like users to be able to enter new records (risks) on one layout in Form View and have any records entered here to show up on the Table View of Layout A. Can you please help me sort this out? I know there is a way to do this but I obviously haven't learned enough yet. Also, please tell me if I need to clarify anything in order to get an answer back. Thank you!