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Connect Database with 'duplicate' records

Question asked by surfparadise on Mar 12, 2010
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Connect Database with 'duplicate' records


Hi, I need to connect a remote database that have 'duplicate entries'. This database is done for a catalog of product. The problem is that when a product have multiple price, the system resolve this problem with another same record (only the product ID, the price and the shopper group change, but all the information are the same, .. .) so when I browse the database in my filemaker layout I have 2 record for every product that have 2 price configured for 2 shopper group.... is not very pratically...


So, I would know if there is a method to browse my database product catalog with no 'duplicate' entry ... and for the product that have the second price configured... have the possibility to add only the field price from the second record, in this one.




Thanks in advance