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    connect Filemaker data with the map



      connect Filemaker data with the map


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      Hi !

      I do have thousands of the archeological sites records in the Filemaker Pro 7 database.

      Are you aware of the software/solution to connect the database to the map ?

      Maybe I can use Google Maps somehow ...

      I would like to browse the map and see e.g. city name with the flag, after clicking on the name the record related

      to the city should be displayed...


      Thank you for Help in advance



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          Take an easy example: if you have a table of customer records that show an address, town, ZIP code then you can simply include a layout that has a web-viewer field and specify it to show that address in Google Maps.  That is really neat for most users.


          If the 'address' of your sites is locate-able by entering the data into a conventional Google Maps search, then it should work the same way too.


          If you have them by co-ordinates only, say, then you would need to check if Google Maps can diaplay using that data.



          • 2. Re: connect Filemaker data with the map

            TY !

            going through FM manuals to learn the proper syntax.

            Will your solution work in the scenario when I want to display multiple archeological sites on one map ?


            best regards