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Connect MS Access to FM Pro 10

Question asked by DAvery on Apr 22, 2010


Connect MS Access to FM Pro 10


Good Morning ... I am a long time (10+yrs) MS Access user who is just getting started with FileMaker (Pro 10 Advanced).   We are in the process of converting part of an MS Access database into Filemaker (which is going well).   I have been able to connect from FM to Access via odbc and pull data back.   Where I'm having trouble though is connecting MS Access back to FM to see if I can come full circle with passing data back and forth.


I am using Windows XP Pro and I have DataDirect SequeLink 5.5 installed. I ensured that the ODBC is turned to ON in the filemaker database (sitting on a Filemaker Server).   I set up a DSN set up to the Filemaker database, which a test connection completes successfully .  I've created a blank MS Access database (MS Access 2003) and was able to successfully link the tables access tables back to FM.    However, here is where things go downhill. 


When I try to either view the linked table or create a query in Access to view some of the data I receive the following message:


ODBC --call failed.


[DataDriect][ODBC SequeLink driver][SequeLink Client] Internal network error, session aborted, connection closed (#2208)


I've tried googling the message, the code, etc. but can't seem to find anything other than a very brief explanation of what the error is.   Has anyone experienced this and gotten past it?   I'm looking for any troubleshooting tips I can.

Thanks in advance for any/all assistance!


- Daniel