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    Connecting 2 databases



      Connecting 2 databases


           A complete newbie here.  Any help is appreciated.

           I have a contacts database and an invoice/contact database.  I have the clients info listed in both places because I do not know how to connect the two.  So I am entering the info twice.  I start them off in contacts, and then when they become clients, I have to reenter all the info into the invoice/contact database to actually invoice the client.

           I want to be able to enter the info in the contacts and then when I need to invoice them, I can pull the info from that contact list.


           Can anyone help?? Thanks.

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               Does this mean that you have 2 database files--one for contacts and one for invoices? Perhaps from the FileMaker Starter Solutions?

               It's possible to link the tables in invoices to one or more tables in your contact manager by creating a new Table Occurrence in Manage | Database | Relationships (click the button in the far bottom left corner) and then selecting "Add FileMaker Data Source" to select a table from the other file.

               But then you have to modify the design of your invoicing solution to refer to this table instead of any contacts table that currently exists in your invoicing file. Such changes require a good working knowledge of FileMaker and your database files.

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                 Yes, I have 2 database files, one for contacts and one for invoices.  Both from Starter Solutions.

                 I kind of figured I would have to know alot more about Filemaker than I do.  So basically you are telling me I need to find a FM consultant?


                 Thank you for replying.

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                   Not necessarily, but I am warning you to be prepared to invest some time in learning how fileMaker in general and these specific starter solutions work if you choose to do it yourself. I think that there is also a "starting point" solution offered by the folks that created the starting point templates for FileMaker that already combines several of these templates.

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                     Would you suggest I get the Filemaker Pro 12 book to help?  I will have to look for the "starting point" solution.  I love both of my database files, the way I created them, etc.  They have all the info I need, just want to combine them.....ugghhhhh

                     Thanks again for your help.

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                       There are a number of books and tutorials on FileMaker that you can investigate.

                       I'd suggest you look at mine, but I'm still creating it. wink