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Connecting 3 separate payments to one purchase order

Question asked by followtheharvest on Feb 26, 2013
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Connecting 3 separate payments to one purchase order


     My main product is $195, but customers can make up to 3 separate payments of at least $65. Below is a copy of my Payments. The Payment Total comes from the Orders, the Amount Paid is manually entered in, and the Amount Remaining is auto filled. 

     My problem is on an order of Payment Total $195 a customer makes a payment of $65, that payment gets a specific Invoice ID matched to the specific Order ID, the amount paid is $65, and the Amount Remaining fills in as $130. The next time they make a payment of $65, I match it with the Order ID, but the Payment Total (from the order) stays at $195, and the Amount Remaining stays at $130 even though they have already made a payment of $65 for that Order ID.

     How do I make all 3 payments work together so that with 3 separate Invoice IDs, the Amount Remaining = $0 for 1 specific Order ID?