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    Connecting contacts with dates



      Connecting contacts with dates


       Hi I am trying to work out how to link the dates with contact names I have inputted into a data base. For example I run a youth club and I want to create a link between dates they attend and their personal details so I can see which sessions they have attended. I also then want to collate these results to provide graphs of attendance figures based on age, location etc. Can this be done with File maker Pro and how???? Please help

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          You'll need to add a table linked to your table of contacts where you can add or update a different record each time a contact attends the event. This could easily have this table strucure:


          One record in Participation records a single contact's participation (and/or nonparticipation) in a given event.

          Your reports and charts can then use the records created in Participation to present the desired chart or figures.