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    connecting databases



      connecting databases



           Hi, i'm looking for a functionality that is probably very easy in Filemaker.


           I've got a database and in this database i've got three fields.


           "Company name"




           It contains a 100 records with data.




           I now would like to have a second database which has three fields in which you can say:


           - Which company

           - From which date to which date


           And that it then fills the third field "work" with all work that has been done and that it gets this information from the first database.


           How can i do this? 

           (or on what kind of search term do i have to look for (i'm not a native speaker so it can sometimes be hard to find the right term to look for))

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               Your English is very good, but let's use the word "table" in place of "database" to avoid possible confusion. "Database" can mean different things in different contexts when talking about FileMaker solutions. We can call your first table "WorkTable" and your second table "SearchTable".

               You can certainly add a table to serve that purpose, but do you know that you do not need that table to get the list of records for a selected company and range of dates?

               If you want to see all records for "Acme Construction" from 3/1/2013 to 3/8/2013, you can:

               Enter find mode
               Enter "Acme Construction" in the company name field.
               Enter 3/1/2013...3/8/2013 in the Date field
               Perform the find

               and you now have a list of all Acme Construction records in that range of dates.

               If you still want to add that second table, you can use this relationship:

               SearchTable::Company Name = WorkTable::Company Name AND
               SearchTable::DateStart < WorkTable::Date AND
               SearchTable::DateEnd > WorkTable::Date

               With this relationship, you can list records from WorkTable on the SearchTable layout in a portal or you can use the Go To Related Records script step to bring up the matching WorkTable records on the WorkTable layout.