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    Connecting different fields between TO



      Connecting different fields between TO


      I have 3 different layouts "1" "2" and "3" Each have a seperate TO that has a "Contact Name" field.


      For example:

      Layout-"1" Field - "Contact Name"  TO - "1"

      Layout-"2" Field - "Contact Name"  TO - "2"

      Layout-"3" Field - "Contact Name"  TO - "3" 


      Is there any way to connect the contact name in these 3 different TO so that when performing a search only one script is needed?



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          Why do you need a different TO for each layout?


          If you can use the same TO for each layout, each layout will always show the same found set from the same window.


          If you simply can't use the same TO, then there may be a way using relationships, Go To Related Record and a Script Trigger (FMP 10 only) to get what you need.